is a software development company which focuses on custom development of web and mobile applications – from the small and mid-scaled to the corporate solutions. We have proven experience in IT and significant number of successfully completed projects in the following areas:

  • E-Commerce
  • Real Estate
  • Crowdsourcing
  • Fleet management
  • IoT
Why should you want to work with us? Because we are:

We do not have modern office, our 10+ employees of the core staff are located in different cities of Ukraine and all of them are passionate about the job they do. We do not have bureaucracy of large organizations and concentrate only on delivery of each project in reasonable terms.

Along with our permanent specialists we widely involve the best experts from freelance market in our projects on temporary basis.

In this way we are flexible to build the team fast according to the project specific, customer needs, customer time zone, without skills and capacity constraints while keeping a single point of communication, control over the development lifecycle, knowledge base and providing consistently high quality of the product.

Want to manage your own team? – No problem. We will build a professional team for you!


We constantly monitor the world’s innovations in IT and software development and constantly improve ourselves in IT technologies and project management to bring the software development in our company to the new higher level.

On the other hand we do not reinvent the wheel and always recommend to re-use or modify existing components instead of developing the new one (until such development is really necessary).

If you want to try new technologies we are always eager to create a low-risk prototype and if the new technology demonstrates excellent results we will build the team which will rapidly deploy a solution.


We are always looking all the possible ways to minimize the cost and complexity of our processes and products.

We are not involving unnecessary resources in our projects. On each stage we have absolutely optimal quantity of team members which is exactly sufficient for delivery.

We are not introducing unnecessary functions but at the same time we leave the ability to easily expand and improve the software in future.

On the other hand we concentrate on the most important features to deliver them fast and accelerate time-to-market of your product.

Our pricing policy is aimed to propose our clients a high quality solutions for reasonable cost which fully meets product utility and expenses for its creation.

Creative & Problem solvers

Our creativity and non-standard thinking allows to take projects of any complexity in any business area and helps us to find new approaches to solve the most complex problems of your business.

Each project is a new challenge for us. We love challenges!


Client’s security and data confidentiality is critical for us. To mitigate security risks and prevent unauthorised access to production systems of our clients we always deploy the development and test environments with de-personalized data for each project.

Every string of code is verified by inhouse code-reviewers before being uploaded to the test environment. This is aimed to help the code optimization and recover malicious code insertions.

Finally we do not disclose any information about our clients (neither testimonials nor the fact of cooperation itself) until we have clear permission from all parties involved.

We guarantee

Due to our experience and wide range of skills we guarantee successful projects implementation within agreed budget, requirements and timeline.

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